I am a third generation native of Reno, Nevada, the perfect place to be a student of human behavior, to explore our dichotomies: light–dark, objective–subjective, fair–unfair. These contrasts can illuminate who we are both individually and as a species.

My personal life is a study in contrasts. I’m a Nevadan married to a Vermonter (and therefore I’m also a frequent flier). I’m a pragmatic optimist. I’m a traveler (54 countries and counting) and a mother who still lives in the house where I raised my children. I have strong views, and I value others’ perspectives.

Some basic precepts I live by: (1) Everyone has a story; (2) Treat others the way you would like to be treated yourself; and (3) Chocolate can make almost everything better... (more)

World traveler and presenter

Kelly has been speaking at conferences and seminars since 2002. Sessions vary in length (one hour to several days) and are for audiences of all sizes. Her presentation style can be anything from informative to persuasive to motivational, but it's always entertaining... (more)

Published Author

In addition to her many articles for NASJE News, Kelly Tait is one of the co-authors of Handling Cases Involving Self-Represented Litigants: A National Bench Guide for Judges (Self-Represented Litigation Network, et al). She's also been published in the NJC's publication Case In Point... (more)

Kelly will venture into fiction in next year, as her first novel will be published soon... (more)